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Strona główna Fuel combustion analyser BCA-01

Combustion process analyzers

Fuel combustion analyser BCA-01

Continuous measurement of key combustion process parameters 

Fuel combustion analyser BCA-01, is the first compact solid fuel combustion analyser for medium and large capacity boilers available on the Polish market. 



Instrukcja obsługi

Construction with patent allows continous measurment in dust-laden waste gas.

Measurment device to control many phisycal and chemcal parameters informing about quality of combustion process.  Probe construction allows to keep measurment in dust-laden waste gas from combustion of solid fuels. According to application of measurment pieces temperature of exhaust can't be higher than 450oC.

Fuel combustion analyser allows measurment following parameters:

- Precentage concentration of oxygen O2 in exhaust (0 to 20,9 %),
- Coefficient air overflow [λ],

- Precentage concentration of carbon dioxide CO2,
- Waste gas temperature
- Boiler air intake temperature,
- Flue losses

Analyser is equipped with many communication options allows cooperation between other devices. It has two analog outputs implement transmission protocol BRAGER i MODBUS RTU. 

Key pros of device

  • Industrial closet allowing measurment in medium and large capacity boilers
  • Measurment main parameters of combustion process
  • Wire communication via BRAGER protocol 
  • Wire communication via protocol MODBUS RTU
  • Configurable analog output : 0-10 V, 4 – 20 mA
  • Co-operation with PLC automatics
  • Co-operation with BRAGER company devices

Device work conditions

Measurement probe module BCA-01
Module power voltage 15 VDC, 9 VDC
Immersion heater power consumption 7,5 W
Maximum waste gas temperatrure 450 oC
Range of waste gas temperature measurement  0 – 400 oC
Maximum environment temperature 50 oC
Operating position Search in manual
Maximum measurement incorrection  +/­- 0,5 % O2
Communication with power supply module RS 485 (own connection protocol)
Measurement part durability 1 – 3 years
Power supply module BCA-01
Supply voltage 30 VAC, 50 Hz
Power consumption Max. 25 W
Work temperature ragne 0 – 50 oC
Operating position Any
Montage Rail DIN


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