We inspire an ecological climate
We provide innovative solutions in the field of combustion, which inspire all entities with an impact on environmental protection to take care of the ecological climate.

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Scientific basis

Our technologies are based on the scientific and research achievements of our staff, in cooperation with the Poznań University of Technology. The New Technology Development Department develops patented solutions that are ahead of the industry. The works are managed by dr hab. inż. Rafał Urbaniak (Ph.D. Eng.).

Analysis and adjustment

of the

The BCA-02 eco Combustion Process Analyzer is the first device in the world dedicated exclusively to low power solid fuel boilers.

  • Continuous quality measurement of the combustion process
  • Comprehensive parameter analysis
  • Automatic optimization
  • Special, patented arrangement
  • Intelligent eco-indicator (RGB diode)

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Our most

advanced controller

The new PELE BORD 890 controller provides even simpler, more precise and more convenient management of pellet boilers.

  • 5" display and capacitive panel
  • Innovative gesture control function
  • Compact arrangement and new design
  • Remote management capability

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Complete remote control

of heating

MEDIA BORD 200 is a modern Internet module, which enhances the capabilities of the system with remote control of all devices.

  • Wireless and wired Internet connection
  • Additional memory for continuous data updates
  • Possibility to connect up to 3 devices in the network 
  • Free mobile application BRAGER CONNECT

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Remote access and control of all devices using the website www.bragerconnect.com and the free Bragerconnect application for devices with Android OS.
Additional WIFI module that ensures connection even in areas with difficult access using its external antenna.
Remote access and control of all devices operated by the User through the PC, mobile phone or tablet.
Compact fuel combustion analyser 

Polish company

Global innovation

We have several years of experience in supplying innovative electronic devices.
With our trained staff, modern technologies and advanced designing tools we are able to complete even most difficult projects for various industries.

Let s get to know each other

dr hab. inż. Rafał Urbaniak (Ph.D. Eng.)


Our company is managed by dr hab. inż. Rafał Urbaniak (Ph.D. Eng.) – a long-time researcher at the Poznań University of Technology, specialist in combustion process regulation, author of patents and numerous publications, court expert and external expert at the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

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