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Strona główna Media Bord 200

Remote control

Media Bord 200

Comprehensive remote control of the heating system

MEDIA BORD 200 is an advanced Internet module that complements the capabilities of the system with remote control of all devices: computer, smatphone and tablet.

Instrukcja obsługi

Community ablities of  MEDIA BORD 200 enables wire and wireless Internet connection.

Besides dedicated RJ45 input which enables connection with any internet router, device is equipped in WiFi module. Thanks to external anthena it can be placed in hard to reach space. 

MEDIA BORD 200 also has additional memory card to guarantee flow of upadtes storaged on servers even in case long term internet connection lost. At the same time device performs as a expansion module to BRAGER units enables connection of up to three devices working in BRAGER network at once.

Remote handling and control of all devices provides  our website www.bragerconnect.com and also free application for Android systems - Bragerconnect.

Main pros of controller

  • Remote controll of boiler via Internet
  • Remote controll of complete heating systems
  • Controll of alerts
  • Monitoring of each devices
  • Ability of wireless connection with Internet network through installed WiFi module 802.11 b/g/n

Package include:
-power suppy dc 5v (1,5m)
-network cable RJ45 (3m)
-connecting wire (2m)

Controller's work conditnions

  • Additional memory card saving processes of devices in case internet connection lost
  • External WiFi anthena ables to perform better range of radio waves 
  • Free application for mobile devices BRAGERCONNECT 
  • Possibility of handling through website www.bragerconnect.comra

Source of power 5 VDC
Range of wetness 30 - 75%
Environment temperature 5 - 40°C
Electicity usage without additional devices 1 W
Power supply parameters:
Power supply voltage 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Output voltage 5 VDC
Output electric current 500 mA
Input standard DC 2.1/5.5

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