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Solutions that matter

Put your trust in innovative, patented technologies

We create holistic solutions that optimize the entire combustion process in solid fuel boilers and inspire to take care of the ecological climate. These are ready-made, patented tools that allow everyone to join the fight for clean air and a healthy future.

Scientific basis

We use the latest scientific and research achievements and translate them into practical technological solutions. Together with the Poznań University of Technology, we conduct numerous research. We have a New Technology Development Department, which is responsible for trend analysis, development of new patents and continuous product development to make them even more human and environmentally friendly.


All activities are supervised by dr hab. inż. Rafał Urbaniak (Ph.D. Eng.), who has been studying combustion processes for many years. He is the author of patents and numerous publications, a court expert and an external expert at the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

We know that further emission limitations are inevitable, therefore, taking the example of the automotive industry, we create solutions that are ahead of the introduced standards.

Experts in optimizing combustion processes

We think broadly, but we act precisely. We specialize in a narrow market segment, so we know the processes that govern it. This allows us to create products that support the entire combustion process, not just some part of it. We are a precursor of holistic solutions.

We know how to make optimization that translates into effective environmental protection and real savings for boiler users.

Polish company

We are a Polish company that creates innovative solutions on a national or even global scale and remains always close to its customers – regardless of the physical distance between us.

We are constantly working on innovative, holistic solutions that are ahead of the global combustion industry.

Designed from scratch

Our team consists of high-class specialists, equipped with advanced tools for designing and prototyping innovative devices. Thanks to this, we can design and manufacture a device of any parameters from scratch.

We use the CAD/CAM technology, which supports the processes of creating IT, electronic and mechanical solutions.

We have our own laboratory, where products undergo detailed tests for safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

We have a patent for this!

We hold a number of patent applications which prove the innovativeness and reliability of the offered solutions. These are, i.a.:

  • eco7zone® – An algorithm for regulating and identifying improper operation of solid fuel boilers: “System and method of quality control of the combustion process in a solid fuel boiler with an automatic solid fuel burner” / Patent no. Pat.230943
  • “Combustion process quality analyzer for solid fuel boilers” / Utility model no. Ru.070142
  • “Combustion process quality analyzer for low power boilers using solid fuels” / Patent application no. P.434710
  • “Oxygen concentration analyzer casing for low power solid fuel boilers” / Application for European industrial design No 008050785

We are a leading Polish manufacturer of compact solutions for measuring the quality of combustion process in solid fuel boilers.

Products with value

Our solutions generate unique benefits for all entities who have an impact on environmental protection: from boiler and burner manufacturers to installers and end users. Thanks to the cooperation, professionals can increase sales, reduce service costs and support their customers in environmentally friendly and efficient combustion.

As our partner, you gain access to comprehensive specialist care and take part in product training.

Do you have a problem? Report it here: 795 750 933. We are available during your working hours.

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