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Strona główna Pele Bord 890

Pellet boilers

Pele Bord 890

Our most advanced controller

For even simpler and more precise installation management.

  • 5-inch panel and capacitive control
  • Innovative gesture control function
  • Compact arrangement and modern design
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Why is it worth it?

PELE BORD 890 is the most advanced solution in the segment of regulators for pellet boilers. The latest version of the controller offers users improved aesthetics and even more practical solutions, and opens new opportunities for installers and boiler manufacturers for development and winning customers.

Are you an installer?
Do you manufacture boilers?


By choosing PELE BORD 890, you provide your customers with a smooth installation start-up, optimal configuration and automated, efficient combustion.


  • Increase of market competitiveness
  • Implementing installations that are ahead of standards
  • Participation in trainings and support of our specialists

By using PELE BORD 890 you increase the value and attractiveness of the offered pellet boilers. We have our own model of cooperation with boiler manufacturers.


  • Service, implementation and substantive care
  • Cooperation with a company managed by a researcher
  • Promoting the idea of clean air   


PELE BORD controllers have been setting standards in the segment of solutions for monitoring the combustion process in solid fuel boilers for years. The PELE BORD 890 provides even simpler, more precise and convenient management of even an extensive installation, contributing to fully efficient, environmentally friendly production and distribution of heat energy.

By connecting the PELE BORD 890 controller with the MEDIA BORD internet module and the BRAGER Connect application, both the boiler user and the professional (installer, service technician, manufacturer) gain permanent remote control of the heating system.

The advantage of PELE BORD 890

Intuitive operation
Modern aesthetics
Remote management

5-inch display, capacitive panel and gesture control function

Compact arrangement and improved design in line with the latest trends

Cooperation with the MEDIA BORD web module and mobile application



Choosing the future

Discover the revolutionary, patented technology for analysis and adjustment of the combustion process.

The pellet boiler can be further enhanced with the BCA-02 eco Combustion Process Quality Analyzer – an innovative, patented device for analysis and adjustment of the combustion process (protection no. 230943). With the BCA-02 eco, the boiler achieves the same efficiency as in a laboratory environment.

By connecting a pellet boiler with the PELE BORD 890 and the BCA-02 eco, you offer your customers:

  • environmentally- and people-friendly, maintenance-free combustion
  • full remote control of the heating system
  • solutions that stay ahead of the standards and the industry

Together with us, support the idea of clean air and a healthy future and gain even more benefits – for yourself and your customers.


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