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Strona główna BCA-02 eco Combustion Process Quality Analyzer

Combustion process analyzers

BCA-02 eco Combustion Process Quality Analyzer

Patented technology for analysis and adjustment of the combustion process

The BCA-02 eco Combustion Process Analyzer is the first control and measurement device in the world dedicated exclusively to low power solid fuel boilers.

Instrukcja obsługi

The BCA-02 eco analyzer allows for continuous measurement of the combustion process and automatic selection of parameters. It is an innovative solution on a global scale.


The BCA-02 eco is a compact device for comprehensive analysis of combustion parameters in solid fuel boilers. A boiler equipped with the BCA-02 eco not only meets all standards in laboratory conditions, but also provides optimal operating parameters in real conditions. The device is compatible with all types of boilers, regardless of their heating power, type of fuel and price, and it is available to everyone.


The BCA-02 eco analyzer provides precise measurements and calculations of:

  • oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations
  • excess air ratio
  • exhaust gas temperatures
  • ambient temperature
  • stack losses


Breakthrough, proprietary solutions include:

  • measurement of the optimal combustion coefficient
  • innovative data transmission system
  • special, compact arrangement
  • smart eco-indicator


The eco-indicator (RGB diode) sums up all read parameters and informs the user about the quality of combustion process in the boiler on an ongoing basis. The acquired parameters provide feedback to the control system, which allows for process optimization and energy efficiency gains.


The most important advantages of the device:


  • Continuous quality measurement of the combustion process and automatic optimization
  • Possibility of manual adjustment of boiler operation parameters
  • Compatibility with all solid fuel boilers and any automations

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