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Strona główna Oxi Bord 780

Automatic boilers

Oxi Bord 780

Clear and precise steering of extended heating systems

Boiler automatics OXI BORD 780 is a advanced device created to cooperation with boilers equpipped in automatic feeder system

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Controller's key features are unique design and large, clear and colourful 4,3 inch display, which with innovative interface creates new best practices on the market of devices created to controll combustion process in boilers.

OXI BORD 780 in it's basic form factor is capable of complete steering of extended heating system equipped in central heating pump, domestic hot water pump, mixing valve module and circulating pump. Automatics allows a precise handling of heating system in weather mode using heating curves and also in time mode enables independent time setting for each module. Device not only controll work of boiler and heating system but also oversight of safety thankfully to functions of protection against legionella, fuel level control, Anty Stop, protection against freezing. Automatics in included in the whole BRAGER company system, which means it is able to extending of four additional heating circiuts equipped in mixing valves, valve pumps and external thermostats.

In addition system can be extended of BRAGER company remote pannels and data transmission modules for internet and gsm network connection.

Key pros of controller:

  • Large colourful 4,3 inch display
  • Handling of both piston and screw feeders

  • Handling of domestic hot water pump

  • Handling central heating pump
  • Handling fan
  • Stepless control of fan rotation
  • Handling of up to five valve pumps
  • Handling of up to five actuators of mixing valves
  • Handling of up to five valves indoor thermostats
  • Universal voltage output
  • Handling of clock
  • Time zones
  • Protection against Legionella
  • Weather steering
  • External temperature sensor 
  • Handling indoor boiler thermostat
  • Handling of safety system STB
  • Operated via Internet
  • Clear menu
  • Summer and winter mode for domestic hot water 
  • Measurement the level of remaining fuel 
  • Various languages
  • Simple, intuitive use
  • Ability to expand
  • Instalation mode

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